Tired of feeling like your efforts to grow your business are getting you nowhere? 

You’re in the right place. At Beacon of Brilliance we’re here to help introverted women like you to evolve your business in line with your vision, simplify your offer and grow your business in 90 days. Because we believe that when Women are successful in business, we can change the world.

Let’s get to know each other better.


90 day Strategy Session

You KNOW where you want your business to go but you don't know HOW? Book a 90 day strategy session where you'll get a bespoke step by step plan to grow your business. 

Here's what you'll get: 

  • 1 X 90 minute call (via zoom) where we reconnect with your vision so that we can identify the next right steps to get you there. 
  • A comprehensive 90 day plan- giving you everything you need to work on step by step, week by week. 
  • 7 days follow up Voxer access

Investment $597

1:1 Coaching and Mentoring

You're ready to evolve your business in line with your vision. You just don't want to do it alone. We'll create a 90 day plan and I'll support you with making it happen. 

Here's what you'll get: 

  • A 90 day strategy session where we can reconnect with your vision and create a plan for the next right steps
  • Fortnightly 60 minute calls to keep you on track 
  • Mon-Fri Voxer access for all those times you need to check in between calls. 

Investment $750 a month (min 90 day contract)


“I am a huge introvert. So I really struggled with overwhelm. Rachel made the whole program not overwhelming at all. I got so much clarity about what I wanted to do- what I still want to do.”

— Kathleen, Celtic Creative

“I know Rachel has so much insight to make sure that you're focusing where you need to be but making sure that you have that life work balance. Because that's super important. Something she's taught me is whenever your work life is balanced, your personal life is going to be balanced better as well,”

— Lynda, Aqua Blue Virtual

"I had worked with Rachel before and loved that she gave great suggestions and ideas but was compassionate and knew exactly how to motivate you when you were struggling. I love the fact that it is 90 days as I am often really keen in the beginning but give it a few weeks and I lose interest and move on to the next big idea."

- Lorna, Stitchingly

Want access to the best freebie on the internet? 

In this handy guide, I will share the 5 steps you can take to simplify and grow your business as an introverted woman. 

Get yours here: 

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