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Beacon of Brilliance™ is the no.1 learning platform for introverted women who want to build, grow and scale their online business and go from reluctant expert to industry innovator using our Beacon of Brilliance Methodology. 

Our mission is to help women who are motivated for more create, market and sell based on their knowledge, ideas and expertise so that they can stand out online for getting results- and how they get them, rather than the latest marketing tactics. 

We have a goal of helping more women have successful and sustainable businesses that will make a bigger impact- and ultimately together, change the world. 

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Available Programs/products

[FREE Guide] Get more clients as an online specialist

You've specialised- so you can be known for one thing. 

But how do you stand out amongst all the others who offer a similar thing so you can get more clients? 

In this FREE guide will give you the exact process you need to stand out online from others in your industry and get more clients. 

Becoming Brilliant- 90 day Digital Planner

The fastest way to get results in your business? Make a plan and stick to it for 90 days. But, how on earth do you do that? 

The Becoming Brilliant 90 day digital planner guides you through the initial planning process PLUS guides you with reviewing and planning each week- so you can measure your output. 

This is the exact planner I use myself and with my clients- because it works. 

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